St. Patrick's Day 2024

"Blarney Stone" hand made by Jerry Pequeen

This picture shows the winning team for the St. Patrick's Day 2024 competition displaying the prizes sent by Hose in Grand Cayman. The winning prizes were head dresses shaped like a shamrock.  The winning team was Bruce Cohoon, Randy Robertson, John Balais, and new member Steve Howell.  The wind was pretty strong in the Tiki and it was difficult for some members of the winning team to properly wear their new prize.



This picture shows the members that dressed up on 3/25  A big thank you to those that dressed up for this special day.  In this picture is Steve Keen, Dave Beck, Randy Robertson, Ren Marquette, David Massey, Ken Gerling, and kneeling in front Jerry Krause.


Thanks to all for making this a fun day.


This is a little different line up, thanks for the picture to Jerry Krause.

Second place, Dave Beck.with dress up prize that we received from Hose in Grand Cayman.


And then there is Jerry with Dave

Jim Brown was the judge of the winners.

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