BGA Sweetheart Classic

Monday May 12, 2024

This picture shows the winning team of Dave Barber, Len Ciriello, Peter Lindley and Ed Ryan.  They are all so proud of their winning prize.  A very attractive heart shaped basket containing a packet of Hershey Kisses.  Well, almost all had one, Not sure what happened to David Barber's prize.


The prizes were compliments of Hose.....


Congrats to the winning team.

Members that incurred fines and had their picture taken with the "Do the crime, pay the fine" poster.  All of these serious offenses occurred at the Sweetheart Classic on Monday 2/12.  


Jim Pachmayer did not wear the BGA shirt/hat as required for this classic.  Jim proudly ponied up the $3 fine for the treasury.


Buzz Fredrickson apparently did not read the notices regarding our tee time and arrived late.  Buzz paid the customary fine.  He may be back in the running for the most frequent contributor to the treasury.  


Steve Keen also did not wear the BGA  shirt/hat.  Steve paid the fine.  He has been a frequent contributor to the treasury.


This was an attempt to get a picture of the 4 winners of the "dress up" contest where each of the 4 winners received lovely flowers.  The flowers were sent to us by Hose from the Grand Cayman.


Our volunteer photographer was able to get 3 of the 4 dress up winners.  


The photos are:


1. Bob Keller,

2. Neil Messina

3. Steve Keen.


Missing from the group is Randy Robertson.


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