David Massey is a potential new member of the BGA.

His home phone is a cell phone 305-522-0205.

E-mail dsmpsm@bellsouth.net 

Wife's name Cheryl.

Steve Howell

Phone 615-372-4548 (cell, no land line)

e-mail cuhowell2000@yahoo.com

Wife's name Kimmie


Bill became a new Member, today, Friday March 17, 2023

Bill with BGA "Officials"



Jerry Pequeen receiving his BGA membership certificate in May 2021.

Per Commissioner Pace:

We have lined up a person to visit his house and make sure the certificate is placed in a prominent location in his house.

New member, Bob Peck.  He became a member on Friday, March 12, 2021 Welcome Bob.... BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace.

Dave Beck, with his New Member Certificate in March 2021. Welcome Dave/

Commissioner W. A. Pace welcomed Ren Marquette as a New Member of the BGA today, November 13, 2020. W. A. gave Ron all the official BGA "Stuff" originaly created by Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler who conveniently stepped aside for this picture.


BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace welcomes Spurgeon Youngblood as a New Member of the BGA 9/7/2020

BGA New Member Paul Rundio is officially  welcomed by BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace on September 4, 2020

Ren Marquette, a potential new member, played with The BGA today, August 24, 2020, and scored an eagle on hole # 18. Congratulations Ren.

Paul Rundio, New BGA Member July 31, 2020.

Ron Krieger, New BGA Member July 31, 2020

Frank Mazzotta, New Member 2019

Scott Steffens, New Member 2020

Peter Bockiaro, New Member 2020

Mike Stefani, New Member 2020 with W. A. Pace and Sol Asekun

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