The BGA Sandbagger is defined as a golfer who scores net 64 or better.

The transfer of the sandbag from Ken Gerling to John Erdmann.  John had a really good round, during the 2024 Senior Day Classic on May 24, 2024, shooting gross 82 gross and a net of 62.


Congratulations John!

On March 29 Ken Gerling had a really nice round of golf with a gross score of 81 and a net score of 63. Congratulations Ken!

Larry Jones presenting the sandbag and the "You dah man" trophy to Ken. March 29, 2024  Larry was so excited as he was in possession of the sandbag only a few hours.


John Erdmann transferring the sandbag to Larry Jones (finally). On March 15 Larry shot a gross 74 on the Meadows for a net score of 64. Congratulations Larry!


The Commissiomer says 

Congrats to all John Erdmann, Larry Jones and Ken Gerling!


Jerry Pequeen transferring the BGA sandbag to John Erdmann.  Jerry had earned the sandbag only a short time earlier when he shot his age for the first time.  John earned the sandbag on December 22, 2023 with a really nice round of gross 79 with a 20 handicap for a net 59. Congratulations to both.

From Bob Keller, a photo of Sam Stecker passing the BGA sandbag and the You 'da man trophy to Jerry Pequeen..

Here is a solo of Jerry Pequeen with the BGA sandbag.  Jerry had a very good round on Dec 4, 2023 shooting his age (79 for the first time) for a net score or 64.

Again congratulations to Jerry and thanks to Bob Keller for the picture.

Sam Stecker proudly shows off his well-earned sandbag. November 10, 2023

This is Randy Robertson passing the Sandbag to Sam Stecker.  Sam earned the sandbag on October 9, 2023 when he shot a gross 87 and a net 63.  Excellent round.


We should say that most of the sandbag trophy was transferred.  Randy transferred the sandbag but the accompanying "you da man" trophy mysteriously had disappeared.  


June 30, 2023


Bill Whiteman proudly showing the BGA sandbag.  Bill was officially made a member of the BGA on Friday March 17, 2023. It took him only one week to earn the sandbag award....Bill enjoyed playing with the BGA.  Look at the smile on his face as he proudly holds the BGA sandbag....


We will miss Bill....


From: Commissioner Pace

Members, For The BGA Web, I'm forwarding an e-mail from Foster that contains pictures of the transfer of the BGA sandbag from John Balais to Randy Robertson.  


John earned the sandbag on May 1 after shooting a very nice round of 82 with a net of 63.


Randy earned the sandbag on June 12 after shooting a nice round of 84 with a net of 61.


Congratulations to all.


Sol The Supervisor:

Sandbag transfer from Bruce Cohoon to new winner John Balais.  John earned the sandbag, again, with a very nice score of 82 gross, and 63 net on Monday May 1.  Bruce enjoyed the sandbag only a week or so.


From: BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace, Members, I'm forwarding an e-mail from Jerry Krause that contains a photo of the transfer of the BGA sandbag from Jim Brown to Bruce Cohoon.


Bruce had an outstanding round on Monday April 24.  He had a gross  score of 80 and a net score of 63.


Of note, neither the tee team captain or Bruce reported the "Sand Bag" score to Sol Asekun. So, they Paid The Fine".  


However, congratulations to Bruce for his excellent round.  He was not too happy about losing 2 strokes in his handicap.




Members, a solo picture of Bruce Cohoon holding the sandbag....Earned 4/24.  Gross score 80, net 63. Bruce and Jerry Pequeen are also on the Crime Stoppers Page for not reporting this great score.

On Monday 3/27 Jim Brown earned the coveted sandbag award by shooting a gross 77 with a 13 handicap to win the award.


The sandbag was transferred to Jim by Bill Whiteman who had earned the sandbag a week earlier.  Bill earned the sandbag after one whole week as an official BGA member.





Congratulations Jim Brown!

We had an unusual day on Friday 3/24/23.  We had two members, Randy Robertson and Bill Whiteman earn the BGA sandbag.  So, you will see photos of the transfer of the sandbag from David Barber to Randy Robertson and then from Randy Robertson to Bill Whiteman.  The BGA played the Meadows on Friday.  On 3/24 Randy shot a gross 90 with a 26 handicap for a net score of 64.  On the same date, Bill Whiteman shot a gross 96 with a 35 handicap for a net score of 61.   

Dave Barber to Randy Robertson

Randy proudly showing the sandbag to BGA members

Randy Robertson passing the sandbag to Bill Whiteman

Dave Barber earned the sandbag on doughnut dollie/red shirt/sweetheart day February 24, 2023. As can be seen below, he is a double-dipper! 

Jim Brown with Dave and his Sandbag

Bag looks heavy Dave!

On Monday January 30, 2023 we had two sandbag winners.  Dennis Kudla shot 82 with an 18 handicap for a net 64.

Jim Brown shot a 76 with a 13 handicap for a net 63.

The transfer of the sandbag was delayed a short period as the incumbent holder (David Barber) failed to have the sandbag available to transfer and was consequently fined.  A photo of David with the "Do the crime, Pay the fine" is on that page.

These pictures, from Commissioner W. A. Pace, show David Barber, the incumbent sandbag holder, transferring the sandbag to Dennis Kudla.  The other picture shows Dennis transferring the sandbag to Jim Brown. 

Members, several weeks ago David Beck and Dave Dewar each had an outstanding round of golf on the same date.  They each earned the BGA Sandbag and the "you da man" trophy.  I don't remember the date or the score but the award was initially given to David Beck with the intent to transfer it to Dave Dewar at a later date.  This photo shows Dave Beck transferring the sandbag and another of Dave Dewar showing how proud he is to get to take care of the sandbag. (Thanks to BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace for this info.)

Dave Dewar showing how proud he is to get to take care of the sandbag.

Bob Feldberg and Dave Barber both earned the sandbag on the same day.


On Friday November 11 the sandbag was transferred from Bob to Dave Barber.

Documenting the transfer of the BGA sandbag from Dave Dewar to Bob Feldberg to David Barber.  


Dave Barber enjoys the Sandbag.


Transfer of the Sandbag from Neil Messina to Bob Feldberg June, 2022 

Bob shot a 73 with a 12 handicap.  Congrats  Bob!


Thanks to Foster Panza for the pictures.  




Sol transferring the sandbag and the "you da man"trophy to Neil Messina.  Neil shot an 88 with a 25 handicap to earn the trophy.  Sol did not keep the trophy long. 


Also, Sol mentioned that the sandbag was unusually heavy and found that someone had deposited a chunk of cement....

A really nice picture of Neil with the sandbag and trophy.

David Barber marveling at a hunk of concrete that was presented to him by Sol.  Sol is pretty sure who put the concrete in the sandbag.

Paul Piotte, with pleasure, passes the Sandbag on to Jim Pachmayer on April 22, 2022.

And here is Jim, in all his glory, with the Sandbag. (Per Commissioner Pace.) "Jim shot an 83 on April 1  (no fooling).  Net 63, I believe."

Jim Pachmayer passing the sandbag to John Balais.  If my notes are correct John had an 82 with a 20 handicap. (Per: Commissioner W. A. Pace.) May 2022.

John Balais passing the sandbag to Sol.  Sol shot a 72 with a 10 handicap.  Congratulations Sol. 

Commissioner W. A. Pace provided pictures taken by Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler. There are four pictures from Friday 3/4/2022 covering the sandbag exchange.


One picture shows Paul Piotte and John Balais, one shows John Balais by himself, the next one shows John Balais and Foster Panza, and the last a solo of Foster.


Paul had the sandbag for only a week or so until John Balais had his great round.


Then Foster had a really good round on the Meadows, on Monday, February 28 and earned the sandbag from John Balais.


Congratulations to all.

Ren Marquette passes on the BGA Sandbag and "You're the Man" trophy to Bob Feldberg on BGA Valentine Day postponed to February 18, 2022. 

This was the official "transfer" of the BGA sandbag and trophy from Bob Feldberg to the latest winner, Paul Piotte.  


We had another winner on Friday, with transfer to take place at a future date.  John Balais had an 86 for a net 64.  Congratulations to John.  



Here it is, the transfer of the BGA sandbag from Dennis Kudla to Ren Marquette January 2022.

Then Ren with his sandbag and "Your The Man" trophy.

BGA Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler forwarded a couple of pictures of Dennis Kudla receiving the BGA Sandbag.

The story is that Dennis earned the sandbag a couple of weeks ago with a score of 82, net 62.

Dennis duplicated that score recently on Monday Dec. 13.

So there are two pictures...1) BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace presenting the sandbag to Dennis (he should be presenting the sandbag to himself)

And 2) a picture of Dennis by himself.

We can't remember a previous time where the current sandbag holder won the sandbag again.....

From Jim  Remler, a picture of the transfer of the BGA sandbag to Dennis Kudla.


Picture shows Peter Bockiaro, standing in for Bob Stone, presenting the sandbag to Dennis.  


The other picture shows Dennis proudly showing the sandbag.


On Friday Dec. 3 Dennis had a net 63. Dennis had a really nice round of 83 with a 20 handicap.  Nice round Dennis.

And now the transfer of the Sandbag on Friday October 29, 2021, from previous award winner, Ed Ryan, to the new sandbag winner Bob Stone. Bob shot an 80 with an 18 handicap for a net 62.  Bob recently returned to Citrus Hills from Michigan.  Congratulations Bob.

On Friday September 17 Ed Ryan had a stellar round of golf.  Ed had a gross score of 73 with a handicap of 11 resulting in a net score of 62.  As a matter of information, Ed (at age 74) shot under his age.  Here Ed receives the award from former Sandbagger Stephen Keen.


And this is how Ed reacted!

Stephen Keen shot a 79 with a 16 handicap for a net 63.  This tied a career best for Stephen. Stephen had this great score on Monday September 13. This was reported by Commissioner Pace with picture supplied by Commissioneer Emeritus Remler.


Transfer of the Sandbag on Friday, August 27, 2021 from John Keller to David Beck. David is a two time winner. He recently shot a net 64. Congratulations David! These two guys are good!

John Keller receives the Sandbag from Dave Beck Friday, July 30. Net 64. Nice day John. Congratulations!

It's official, BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace oversees the transfer of the BGA Sandbag from Dave Beck to John Keller on July 30, 2021.

A new trophy for the Sandbagger. (Donated by Don Morrison.)

Dave Barber and Bob Peck

Bob Peck and Dave Beck



Quick exchange of the sandbag today July 2, 2021.  Dave Barber gave sandbag to Bob Peck. After one minute Bob Peck gave the sandbag to Dave Beck.  Dave is looking to pass the sandbag on to someone.



Dave Beck

Bob Peck


"Randy Robertson passes the sandbag to Dave Barber today. June 4, 2021. Dave shot a cool 71. He pared the course and ended up with a net 59. This 12 handicaper lost 4 strokes and now is an 8. That sandbag has been traveling around the last couple of weeks." (Quote from Jim Remler.)

Dave is so happy to be an eight. Look at the expression on his face. (Per Jim Remler.)

Ron Krieger passes the sandbag to Randy Robertson. May, 2021

Randy Robertson is very proud of the sandbag.  Randy shot a 78 (net 59) on Friday, May 28.

Peter Bockiaro giving Ron Krieger the BGA sandbag.  Ron shot a 75 with a net of 64  - May 2021.

Dave Flo gives Peter Bockairo the BGA Sand Bag, May 21, 2021

Ken Gerling transferring the sand bag to David Flo who earned the sandbag at the Ringer tournament.  Ken was a stand in for Bob Stone.  Previously Ken transferred the sand bag to Bruce Cohoon who transferred it to Bob Stone.  Bob Stone could not be present for the transfer of the sandbag to David Flo.


The third photo is of David Flo proudly holding the BGA sandbag.

Dave Flo

April 12, 2021

BGA Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler took the following pictures today and  says,

"A busy day for BGA sandbaggers. Ken Gerling gives the sandbag to Bruce Cohoon who gives it to Bob Stone.  Can’t keep track of the action."



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