Dennis Kudla aced the7th hole on the Oaks for his first hole in one.  Dennis used a 3 wood on the hole from about 165 yards.  Dennis won the hole in one pot (about $185) and the entire prize pool for the day.  On the other hand Dennis treated members with the customary drink of their choice.  Congrats to Dennis.

Dennis (below) with his BGA winnings and Hole in One Certificate that was presented to him on Monday January 8, 2024.  Congratulations to Dennis. Thanks to Sol for the picture.

Dennis Kudla holding his winnings for the day.  

Neil Messina recovering his first hole-in-one ball on #5 today 12/21/2022.

Presentation of the BGA Hole in One Certificate to Larry Jones, celebrating his hole in one on Monday October 10, 2022 

Congratulations, again, to Larry.  

Thanks to Foster for the picture.  




Commissioner W. A. Pace scores another hole in one. Hole 5 on the oaks today, Monday, March 7 2022. Collecting the cash from Peter. Congratulations!!!



"A smiling W. A. Pace receives his hole-in-one recognition certificate. What a happy looking guy receiving his fourth certificate." (Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler.)






Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler provided a photo of Stephen Keen.  Stephen scored a "Garbage Can Hole-In-One".  On December 20th Stephen was awarded a small sack of garbage.  Stephen teed off on #3 on the Oaks and his ball landed in the garbage can near the #4 tee box.  


BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace believed this was a first for the BGA.  However, to be certain W. A. asked Hose, at BGA Headquaters in Grand Cayman, to search BGA International files for confirmation. Hose said, "It's Offical, this is a first".


Stephen was not in the "Garbage Can Hole-In-One Club"  thus did not win any money.

And then The Award!

Stephen proudly holding his recognition for the "Garbage Can Hole In One" Award.

Commissioner Pace presents the BGA Hole-In-One Certificate to Buzz Fredrickson in September 2021. Thanks to Len Ciriello for the picture.

Congratulations to Ren Marquette for his Hole-In-One today, May 10, 2021, on The Oaks, hole # 5. Ren won all the prize money plus the Hole in one money!!!!!!!!! Info provided by Commissioner Pace and Commissioner Emeritus Remler.



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