BGA Columbus Day Classic October 6, 2023

The winning team consisted of Don Morrison, Charlie Haire, John Erdmann, and Neil Messina. 

A real happy looking group!

BGA members, this is an e-mail, forwarded by The Commissioner, from Jerry Krause that contains a picture of the winning team from the 2023 Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day Classic held on October 6, 2023.  

The game was titled "Team Ribbon Surprise"  Four person teams with 2 persons designated Red, and 2 persons designated Green.  At the bottom of each flag stick was a green ribbon (count the two "green" players}, or a red ribbon (count the two Red player scores) or a red and green ribbon (count the best red score and the best green score). Players do not know what scores count till the ball is in the cup.


The final scores ranged from minus 4 to plus 8.  The first place winners were then the winners of the Jim Remler Columbus day prizes.  


The winning team consisted of Don Morrison, Charlie Haire, John Erdmann, and Neil Messina.  


The back story was that Jim Remler, while in hospice care, suggested that we have headbands with feathers and face paint for the winning team.  He said it would be easy.  Just go to the dollar store and buy headbands, then buy some fake feathers, get some help from the ladies to attach the feathers.  Then get some face paint from the dollar store to decorate the faces.  Long story short could not find headbands or feathers in Citrus county.   But ultimately we got the headbands.  The feathers were found on the golf course.....We bought the face paint.


So each winner got a headband with feathers and then "volunteers" came up to decorate the faces of the winning team.  


A big thank you to the winners for being  good sports and the volunteers that helped paint their faces.  


I had promised Jim we would try to do as he wished.  I think he would be happy.


Also, note the new outfit for Don.



A real happy group! Two sleeping?

Two awake and Happy!

Two awake - -Happy???

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