March 2024

Prepared by John Keller

Approved by BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace


Following is a re-cap of the duties and responsibilities of BGA Tee Time Captains and individual Members relative to sign-up and obtainment of play date tee times. It goes without saying that Co-Captains will fill in when Captains are unable to perform their duties.


All BGA Members are responsible for signing to play, at least 15 days in advance. Captains should circle the check mark in red for those signed-up to play 15 days in advance. All subsequent changes should be communicated to the Tee Time Captain.


Tee Time Captains will prepare and maintain a master list of those Members who have indicated they will play on said date. Players will be limited to 40 unless the Tee Time Captain arranges for an additional tee time. The priority of play will be regular players, social players, and then guests.


Tee Time Captains will contact the Pro Shop 14 days in advance of play date and request the appropriate number of tee times for the number of those playing. Captains will request one more time than sign-ups require. For example, 24 Members sign-up – 6 tee times are required – 7 tee times will be requested. There will be a limit of 10 tee times unless pro-shop agrees to more.


Within one or two days prior to play date, Tee Time Captain will review list of players from the sign-up book to see if any changes have been noted that have not contacted the Tee Time Captain prior to that date. Those players with changes should be verified as to status prior to posting the list.


Monitor those signed up 15 days ahead - - any after should be on a "wait" list in case openings become available and/or additional tee times are available.


Captains will prepare 3 player lists the day before play, one for himself to take attendance, one for prize money collector, and one copy for the Pro-Shop.


On the day of play, Tee Time Captain will arrive at the Pro Shop at least 60 minutes prior to assigned tee time and will give an updated copy of the master list to pro shop personnel and have an  updated play list for himself and for person collecting prize money.


Tee Time Captain takes attendance to determine number of players and advises Commissioner of number of players to determine how many cards to have available that day.


All Members are required to adjust the sign-up list in the BGA book ASAP if your play/no play status changes after signing up. If your check mark to play on a given date has been circled in red you have committed to play and must personally contact the Tee Time Captain or Co-Captain to change your play status. If a Member is going to be late with less than 30 minutes prior to tee time on date of play, he should contact the Tee Time Captain, Co-Captain, or Pro-Shop (352-746-4425) ASAP to ensure a place will be kept open for him, A player may also call W. A. Pace 352-601-3444, or Sol Asekun 941-928-2833 to indicate he will be late.


If a Member has not signed-up and wishes to play on any given date, after the check marks for that date have been circled in red, he should contact the Tee Time Captain or Co- Captain and asked to be placed on the list to play, or on standby should an opening occur.


The Tee Time Captain should monitor the number of Members planning to play and return excess times to the Pro Shop as soon as possible.


The end. :-) 





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