BGA Ryder Cup Classic 2024

WA tries to pull a rabbit out of the Cup as he makes the presentation to Jim Brown, Captain of the winning team,The Brown Bombers. The Brown Bombers won Friday by a score of 7 to 1.  The Bombers also won Saturday 5 to 3 for an overall two day win of 12 to 4.

A solo picture of Jim Brown with his prized trophy.

The Brown Bombers winning team.

An e-mail from Ren Marquette to Jim

Brown congratulating the Brown Bombers on their Ryder cup victory.


Congratulations to Jim and his Brown Bombers!

Wait until next year!



The article was provided to the Chronicle by Bob Keller.  Bob, thanks for the article.  To Bob Feldberg, thanks for providing a digital version.


Thanks to all that participated in the Ryder Cup and congratulations, again, to the Brown Bombers on their win...


Commissioner W. A. Pace with several of the BGA displays including the bag tags later awarded to the Brown Bomber winning team.

The famous BGA Barkies performing at the end of our Ryder Cup Classic.  The Barkies include Sol, Ed Ryan---the head Barkie, Peter Bockiaro, and Ren Marquette..


Thank you to the Barkies.  Back by popular demand...


Sol and the two captains (Jim Brown captain of the "Brown Bombers" in red, Ren Marquette captain of the "Renegades" in the white shirt).

A picture of the Jim Remler poster board that contains a picture of everyone that has been a member of the BGA from the beginning. W.A's recollection is that this poster contains about 135 pictures. Jim Remler took on this project and finished it shortly before he passed away..

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