May the Souls of all our former BGA Members Rest in Peace.



Here is a picture of Jim Remler with Jon Walton (no relation to John Walton). Jon passed away, January 2022.  Jon was not a member of the BGA but played with the BGA many times over the past years. Most of the new members of the BGA probably did not know Jon.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson's several years ago and had not played with either the BGA or the Citrus Hills Men's Golf Association since his Parkinson's diagnosis.  


Jon and his wife Jackie moved to Iowa about one year ago to be close to their daughter.  Jon required a lot of care and was in an assisted living facility in Iowa.  


Jon was a very active member of the CHMGA and served a term as President some years ago.  


For those that might be interested in Jackie's address it is:


Jackie Walton

680 NE Alice's Road

Unit #1

Waukee, IA 50263


Thanks to Foster Panza for this picture and BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace for the information.


Jon and Jackie Walton

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