Senior Day Classic Winners May 24, 2024

Super Seniors aged 60 to 76

Legends 77 to 82

Super Legends 83 plus


Players were competing against other players in their age group on an individual low net basis.


Sol paid the top 4 players in the Super Senior and Legends category and the top 3 in the Super Legends category.(fewer players in Super legend).


Closest to the pin for all groups was #5 (Oaks).

Paul Rundio had a net score of 68 to win the Super Legends category.

John Erdmann shot a net 62 to win the Legends category and

Neil Messina won the Super Seniors category with a net 71.


Don Morrison had a notable gross score of 77 (net 70 and 3rd place in his category).

W. A. Pace got closest to the pin on #5.


BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace says, "Foster, thanks very much for all the pictures, Sol, who had to redo the tournament several times to accommodate changes, and for all your good work, and congratulations to all the winners!". 

Sincere thanks to all participants!


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