We are all asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to our tee time. If we are late (without a phone call) it is a crime, and the penalty is a $3.00 fine. The BGA effort is to stop crime, and keep Members from being late. Or, being guilty of other crimes, as determined by The BGA Commissioner. "Do the Crime - Pay The Fine."

"if you can't do the time, don't do the crime."


BGA Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler RIP, and  BGA Commissioner  W. A. Pace display the Crime Stopper poster. "Do The Crime - Pay The Fine."


On Friday, June 28, 2024 our "Red Shirt Day" we had a couple guys that were not appropriately dressed.  Jim (Paco) Pachmayer did not have his red shirt/hat.  Buzz Fredrickson wore his red shirt but not a red hat.


It appears that their might be a competition as to who incurs the most fines. 


Thanks to Paco and Buzz for being a good sport. And, thanks Foster for the pictures.





Nice picture Buzz

And then we have Paco. 

Ed Ryan with the "Do the Crime and Pay the Fine" Poster.  Ed arrived late to play golf on Monday 5/20.  Ed paid the fine and expressed his desire to have a picture with the poster.  

Member Buzz Fredrickson holding the "Do The Crime, Pay The Fine" poster.  

Buzz arrived late for golf, on Friday April 12, 2024, paid the fine, and had his picture taken.  Buzz is maintaining his lead in doing the crime.  

Looks like he might be trying for a disguise with the sunglasses.

Thanks to Foster Panza for the picture. 

Bob Hyland sporting the do the crime, pay the fine poster.  Bob came late, came with the prize money for the day and an additional $3 for the penalty.  Now his picture will be recorded in our BGA website.

John Balais and Sol Asekun arrived for our 2024 modified BGA St. Patrick;s day Classic out of uniform (no BGA Shirt/Hat or St. Patrick's day colors).  They both acknowledged the mistake and paid the customary $3.00 fine, and posed for their pictures with the famous "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster that BGA Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler RIP, designed and was so, rightfully,  very proud of..


Ken Gerling with the Do the Crime, pay the fine poster.

Ken generously paid the customary fine for arriving late on Friday 3/15.  He got really confused about the time to arrive.


Pete Bockiaro is recognized for forgetting to come play golf today. He recovered in time to join us for lunch.

Randy holding the "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster.  Randy incurred a fine for misplacing the famous "You da Man" trophy when the sandbag/trophy were passed to Sam Stecker.  


Randy found the trophy in his house and returned it to the BGA.....

Thanks to Jerry Krause for the picture.

Seems that Buzz Fredrickson was the feature of the day.  This is a picture of Buzz on November 10, 2023 with the Do the Crime Pay the Fine poster.  Buzz came late several days ago and he paid the fine, and now we have the picture.  He is trying hard to maintain his leadership in the crime section.


Jerry Krause was the photographer for the day.

Member Jim Pachmayer was not properly dressed for Columbus Day. Here is Jim with the "Do the Crime, Pay the fine" poster.

Jim forgot to wear the BGA Shirt on Friday October 6. 

During the September 2023 trip to Daytona for 3 days of golf The Commissioner was fined two times.  He paid $3 for each fine.


The first fine was for misplacing BGA documents.  The file folder with details of the 3 day events was placed in the basket of the wrong golf cart.  The folder was retrieved after the round was finished.  No sensitive data was at risk.  The photo below shows W. A.  with the "Do the Crime, Pay the fine" poster.


The second was for questioning our treasurer for the event, David Flo, about possibly misplacing the score sheet for the tournament as it was left on the table and thought to be his copy.  It was not his copy and he took serious offense at being charged incorrectly.  A $3 fine was paid for that.


And that is how the story goes.


Dave Hetherington couldn't look more excited! 


Members, a photo of our latest "do the crime, pay the fine" offender.  Bruce lost his valuable BGA towel on Monday August 28.  Bruce ponied up the usual $3 fine and posed for his photo opportunity.


John Walton who came late on Monday and paid his customary fine and had his picture taken with the "Do the crime, pay the fine poster".

From the Commissioner: I'm forwarding an e-mail from Jerry Krause that has a photo of member Rennie Anllo holding the "Do the Crime, pay the fine" poster.


Rennie readily paid the fine for not wearing the BGA shirt/hat on the BGA Senior Classic on May 19.  

From the Commissioner: I'm forwarding an e-mail from Jerry Krause that has an attachment containing a photo of Bob Feldberg holding the BGA "Do the crime, pay the fine" poster.  


Bob came late on our Sports day tournament on May 5.  He gladly paid the fine and agreed to have his picture taken.  


Jerry, thanks for the photos....

From the Commissioner: I'm forwarding an e-mail that contains, as an attachment, a photo of Jim Pachmayer with the "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster that was taken Friday 5/19 after the Senior Day Classic.  Jim did not come properly dressed for the Senior Day Classic with the BGA Shirt and Hat.  Jim's shirt was not the proper one.  


At the assembly on Friday morning Jim asked who turned him in.  About 25 of those playing that date raised their hands.  Jim paid the fine and now will be on the crime poster. 




The Commissioner with his favorite contributor - Jim "Pay the Fine" Pachmayer. A wonderful picture of Jim with his self portrait! Jim came late on Friday March 24, 2023.



Dave Beck, came late for golf on Friday May 12.  He cheerfully paid his fine and posed for the "Do the Crime, Pay the fine" poster that will likely end up on the BGA web site. (Here it is.)

Donald Morrison, came late for golf on Friday May 5.  He also cheerfully paid his fine this morning, May 13, and agreed to pose for the poster that will likely end up on the BGA web site. (Here it is.)

BGA Commissioner WA Pace Reports:

Bruce Cohoon poses with his captain and co-conspirator Jerry Pequeen. Jerry and Bruce both were fined for failing to report Bruce's great round. Couldn't get a picture of Jerry alone since they were joined at the hip.

Ok, here is the last one regarding Bruce's recent sandbag score.  This is one of Bruce and Jerry holding the "Do the crime and pay the fine" poster for failing to report the sandbag score....


On Monday January 30 we had two sandbag winners.  Dennis Kudla shot 82 with an 18 handicap for a net 64.

Jim Brown shot a 76 with a 13 handicap for a net 63.

The transfer of the sandbag was delayed a short period as the incumbent holder (David) failed to have the sandbag available to transfer and was consequently fined.

David Barber holding the "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster and looking so happy.  He paid the fine.... 


Commissioner Emeritus, Jim Remler, sent a couple of pictures of members that didn't remember that today, Friday September 30, 2022 was red shirt - red hat day.  We collected the customary fine from Mike Rizzio and Neil Messina.

BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace said, "Do The Crime - Pay The Fine".

Neil thought it was a BGA shirt - BGA hat day.  

These  pictures, of members who violated BGA rules, were taken by Jim Remler, in Daytona, during the recent BGA Daytona trip, September 19 to 22, 2022.


One picture is of Neil Messina.  Neil failed to bring his BGA shirt and hat to wear on Wednesday.  Neil was fined $3 and he paid up.  Doesn't Neil look happy?



The other picture is of Vic Jamnik.  In this case Vic brought his BGA hat but did not bring his shirt.  He did bring other BGA "stuff" that was not required but he still had to pay the fine and get his photo taken. Vic also paid his customary $3 fine.  Looks like Vic was not upset about being fined and having his picture taken.

Members, we have 2 new pictures for our "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" Crime Stoppers section of our web site. The first criminal is Dave Beck. His offense was not having the sandbag ready to turn over to the next recipient.  He "cheerfully" paid his fine.



The second photo is of our frequent offender Buzz Fredrickson.  Buzz arrived late for golf on Friday 8/19/2022 and was assessed a fine.  The BGA treasury surely appreciates Buzz' contributions.  Doesn't Buzz look so happy? (Submitted by BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace.)

The second is of Peter Bockiaro who obviously did not come dressed in red shirt/hat.  He insisted that he was not playing due to a health issue and was not required to wear the shirt/hat. He came only to take attendance and collect prize money.  He paid the fine and BGA offered to refund the money.  He threw a tantrum and refused.  So, the BGA treasury is a little richer....

Ron Krieger and Bruce Cohoon with the "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster.  Both did not wear the designated Red Shirt/Red Hat for the day, May 27, 2022.  Each paid Paul Piotte the customary fine.


Bruce arrived with the BGA shirt/hat.  By the time Jerry took the pictures he was dressed in Red Shirt/hat.  He still paid the customary fine.  


Don't both of them look happy???

 Sol holding the "Do the Crime, Pay the fine" sign after he paid his fine to Paul Piotte for disrespecting the sandbag and the sandbag trophy.  Sol took it in good stride. May 20, 2022. (Per: Commissioner W. A. Pace.)

Steve Keen, did it again, did the Crime and Paid the Fine on April 22, 2022

(Per Commissioner Pace.)"Steve Keen came late one morning insisting that he was on time.  He apologized and paid his customary fine, as he always does."  

Buzz Fredrickson cheerfully paid his fine and had his picture taken. Recently, (12/2021), he had the wrong hat on.


Our Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler lost his BGA towel, Friday November 26, and it was recovered by one of his golfing teammates. Jim paid the customary $3 fine and had his picture taken for the Do the Crime, Pay the Fine poster. Was that the first time Jim has lost his towel?


Jim did not name the "snitch" that turned him in......

Jim Remler sent two pictures of members holding the "Do the Crime, Pay the fine" poster.  One picture is of Mike Stefani.  Mike was at the BGA picnic (November 2021) where we showed a picture of past winners of the Do the Crime and Pay the Fine poster and Mike mentioned that he had been fined and his picture was not included on the poster.  


We certainly did not want Mike to feel that he did not get mentioned.  So we took his picture.  Several of us remember the fine, and remember that Mike readily paid the fine but could not be sure of the offense.  We suspect that Mike might have come late to play.  We certainly appreciate Mike's honesty and paying the fine and we sure did not mean to leave him off the poster board.


The other picture is of Jim Pachmayer.  Jim's offense is more recent.  He showed up to play golf wearing his BGA shirt and hat on a Friday "Red Shirt Day".  Jim paid his $3 fine for this offense.  Some felt that Jim's fine should have been $9.  There could have ben a $3 fine for wearing the BGA Shirt on the wrong day, another $3 fine for wearing the BGA hat on the wrong day, and another $3 fine for not wearing the "Red Shirt".


Jim got off a little light.


Dennis Kudla sporting the "Do the Crime, Pay the Fine" poster.

The "crime" occurred on the last RED SHIRT day (10/29) when Dennis failed to wear a Red Shirt.  Dennis readily realized the oversight, paid the customary fine and posed for the picture.  He will soon have his picture on Jim's "Crime" poster.

John Keller, Do the Crime, Pay the Fine. John forgot his Red Shirt on Friday, August 27, 2021.

Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler lost his BGA towel on Monday, August 30, 2021. It was found and returned, but Jim admitted the Crime and paid the Fine.


Commissioner Pace lost his BGA towel today Monday, May 24, 2021. The lost towel was returned and the Commissioner did the crime and paid the fine. The BGA treasury is three dollars richer. Thanks to the commissioner.

Peter Bockairo commits his 6th crime and takes over first place in the BGA’s Do the Crime & Pay the Fine program.


Buzz pays his fine for forgetting he signed up for the RyderCup 2021.

Fines keep mounting up. A first for Dave Beck. Number 5 or 6 for John Erdmann. John is on pace for the fine record.


Dave - - - Pay The Fine

And then John - - -  Pay The Fine


Peter Bockiaro is our tee time captain for the month of May.  His first day as tee time captain was this morning Monday, May 3, 2021. Tee time captain is supposed to arrive early in order to take attendance for the game for that date.  Our tee time for this morning was 7:23.  Arrival time should have been prior to 6:53 (half hour in advance).  Captain Bockiaro was not there to take attendance and thus was fined (and he paid the fine) $3.....

(Reported by BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace. Picture provided by BGA Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler.)


BGA members, a photo of Jim Pachmayer (aka Paco) with the do the crime, pay the fine card.  Paco was very late for golf on Monday May 3, 2021.  Fessed up and readily paid his fine.....(per-W.A.Pace)

Rennie Anllo forgot his Red Shirt so he Did The Crime and Paid The Fine.

No BGA Red Shirt Mike. Pay the Fine. November 2020.

All right John Erdmann, set the alarm, late is a Crime. Pay the Fine. November 2020.

Better get up earlier Ed Ryan. Being late is a Crime - - Pay the Fine. November 2020.


Paul Rundio was only a new BGA Member for about one minute before he was fined $3.00 for the Crime of not arriving 30 minutes prior to tee time. Do the Crime, Pay the Fine.


Rennie Anllo and Bob Feldberg no Red Shirt August 7, 2020. Pay The Fine! (That looks red enough to me Bob. Suggest an appeal!)

Buzz Fredrickson, Paid the fine - lost and abandoned his USGA Membership Bag Tag, August 7, 2020

Howard Pope did it again, no Red shirt. Pay the fine! June 2020

Well, looks as though Neil Messina set a first today when he did the crime. He had his BGA Hat and Shirt on when it was a BGA Red Shirt Day!  So, Do The Crime and you will Pay The Fine.

Steve Keen shot a net 59 on Friday, October 25, so he was awarded the Sandbag, BUT, Steve did not disclose his score! Therefore he was guilty of "The Crime" of non-disclosure. Fined $3.00. "Do the Crime Pay the Fine".

Mike Rizzio and Buzz Fredrickson, GUILTY as charged today by not wearing a Red Shirt on the last Friday of the month. Do The Crime - Pay The Fine Mike and Buzz. 8/30/19



A BGA Crime today, August 2 2019.




A BGA Crime Today:

The lost was found recently by Pete Bockiaro. John Keller had to own up to losing his BGA Bag Tag, a crime, and pay the $3.00 fine. He was reminded by Pete, "Do The Crime - Pay The Fine. 7/15/19

John Pays the Fine!

On June 7, 2019, two BGA Members became the first to be guilty of the Crime, being late for  tee time arrival.


GUILTY -  Steve Keen

GUILTY - Buzz Fredrickson

And next:

Guilty of being late - Randy Robertson 7/8/19

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