BGA Doughnut Dollies Day

The BGA Doughnut Dollies

February 23, 2024

Bob Keller took a couple of pictures of the Dollies from Doughnut Dollies Day, Friday February 23, 2024.


To the Dollies, Gail, Debbie, Barbara, Carolyn, Chris, Maxine, Karen Stecker and Claire, thank you all form our members.  This is one of our most popular events.  The Doughnuts and refreshments were excellent and, although the wind was kinda strong, the rain held off till later in the day.  


Thirty BGA members participated in the tournament and enjoyed the doughnuts.  It is my understanding that we had a couple other folks enjoy the refreshments.  


I've already heard a number of our members express their appreciation....and hoping for another event next year. 

BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace



Special thanks to Bob Keller for the Chronical artical.

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