BGA Vietnam War Veterans Appretiation Day. Veterans Pictured on Veteran's Day, March 29, 2024

This photo is of a group that served on active duty in Vietnam.  They are...Foster Panza, Rennie Anllo, John Balais, and John Erdmann.  Thanks to all.


This is a group shot that includes all BGA Veterans, present on March 29, that served our county.  The picture includes Dave Beck, Foster Panza, John Keller, Rennie Anllo, Ken Gerling, John Balais, Randy Robertson, John Erdmann, Peter Lindley, Buzz Fredrickson, Howard Pope, Steve Keen, Paul Rundio and Bruce Cohoon.  Hopefully everyone is identified properly.


Evie Halla and Clarie Lindley provided donuts for the occasion.  Our members, and others, really enjoyed and appreciated the donuts.


Picture of Evie Balla and Claire Lindley from Friday, March 29 (Natonal Vietnam Veteran Day and BGA Red shirt/hat day).  Evie and Claire provided donuts for BGA Members and thanked the BGA Members for recognizing our troops and first responders.  


Evie's husband served in the Marines in Vietnam.  


Isn't this a great picture!!




Thanks to the ladies, the Vietnam Vets, and all who served our Country.

 Larry Jones enjoying a donut.  


Many thanks to Bob Keller for writing the article for The Chronicle and to Bob Feldberg for calling it to our attention. And BGA Members are grateful to Foster Panza for the pictures.

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