August 4, 2023

Many thanks to Foster Panza for pictures of the BGA Dog Day Classic on Friday August 4, and presentation of the Mickey Mouse Award.

The winning team (below) for the Dog Day Classic was Frank Mazzotta, Captain Jim Brown, Steve Keen and Curt Mesler.  The game was Team Point Quota.  Jim's team exceeded their quota by 8 strokes.

Jim Brown shot a 78 for a net score of 68 and won individual low net.  Congratulations to the winners.



Commissioner W. A. Pace provided this picture.

The 5 finalist for the prestigious Mickey Mouse Award were..Steve Keen, Sam Stecker, John Balais, Dave Beck and Ken Gerling.  


And here are the two finalist....Sam Stecker and Dave Beck.  Two pictures, the second looks like Sam is either scratching his head or is giving a salute as Dave Beck was pronounced the winner.  



And now  Dave Beck, the winner, proudly displaying the poster of Mickey himself , along with the custom made BGA trophy that Dave will proudly display for the next year.  Dave reminded us that this is his second time he has won this award.  

Tournament coordinator, Sol Asekun, pictured with his previously won Ryder Cup Trophy, spent a lot of time calculating scores to determine the Mickey Mouse award winner.  The competition was close.  Sol reminded all that players can win the award more than one time.



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