Sports Day Classic Friday May 3, 2024

The game for the 2024 Classic was different in a couple of ways.  The sports day coincided with Peter Lindley's 83rd birthday and Peter and Claire asked to have a special celebration. They asked to provide the entire prize money for the tournament, and at a level substantially better than our normal pay out.  They also wanted to have two closest to the pin awards. One for the higher handicap individuals (which was hole #3) and the other, for the lower handicap folks, (hole #5). Each with a payout of $10.  The game was team point quota. Prize money paid out was $20/player for first, $15/player for second, $10/player for third, and $5/player for fourth. 

Claire Lindley provided a delicious chocolate Birthday Cake (with a lot of help from Sam) in the Tiki Bar after golf. At the morning session, before golf, we recognized all the May birthdays and sang happy birthday to all.

BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace offered a hearty thank you to all who dressed in their favorite sports attire, and to Peter and Claire for making it a special day.


All BGA Sportsmen!

The "dress up" winners from the 2024 Sports Day BGA Classic.  Ken Gerling in his St. Louis Cardinal attire, Jerry  Pequeen in his triatholon attire (I can't remember if was iron man, full triatholon, or part), and then birthday boy Peter Lindley in his Philidelphia baseball outift complete with ball, glove and bat.  

The highlight was Jerry's outfit complete with a bicycle helmet, biker shorts that seemed to be a little tight and tee shirt.  


Thanks to Foster Panza for the pictures and Commissioner Pace for the comments. 

A piece of Peter's Birthday cake.


Jerry Krause's team with Buzz Fredrickson and Buzz's son-in-law Dave Kahle were the first place winners.  


BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace was kind enough to have his picture taken wth Clint Wynne. Clint had his BGA 90 Year Club shirt on, but the shirt is now five years old! 

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