Thanks to BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace for this information for the web site and Jerry Kruse for the pictures.

Three dozen golf balls, a Red Special BGA hat from Joe Skender, several valuable certificates for future BGA events, some Russell Stover candy and some BGA stuff to mention a few of the treasures for Dave and Sam.

Dave Flo opened the box and Sol recorded the value of the contents. The items inside were valued at over $250.




Members, a photo of the smiling Larry Jones who drew the #1 ticket for the gift exchange.  As Jerry pointed out he traded his first gift for some liquor.  


My observation is that our members did a much better job of selecting gifts to be exchanged.  Thank you to all the members that participated.


Larry Jones drew #1 and had the first pick. Larry opened up a package and found a jigsaw puzzle inside. Larry traded the puzzle for a bottle of amaretto after the 31st pick.

Members, a picture of the winners of the scramble....


Looks like Jerry Pequeen goosed me???/


John Balais, Sol Asekun, and Jerry Pequeen receive their first prize awards from Hose from Commissioner W.A. Pace. Since the team was a threesom, W.A. stood in to receive the fourth prize.

Members Jerry Krause "volunteered" to take pictures of the 2023 BGA Santa Classic that I will forward to the members.  This first picture is of the 3 winners, first, second and third place.  Paul Rundio was the first place winner as he had a shepherds costume (I think that is the right description).  Paul had returned from a trip to India the night before.  He must have found the costume at a bazaar in India.  The second place winner was David beck.  Third place, was Jerry Pequeen.  He was a winner as they were the only 3 that dressed up.  Jerry's costume consisted of a red nose that blinked.  

Thanks to these 3 that dressed for the occasion.  

Today's judge (WA) presents the dress up winners with prizes from Hose. Joining W.A. are Jerry Pequeen, Paul Rundio and Dave Beck.

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