Clint's 90th Birthday Party May 27, 2019


Clint's Party was hosted and attended by Clint's son, Clint Jr. and Clint's daughters Molly and Martha and Martha's husband Mark Wilson. Visit previous evening was by Clint's brother Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne and his wife Ann, R.N. (Illness forced Ken to return home to Virginia before the party.)


Clint's Party was Directed and Produced by BGA Commissioner Jim Remler and his Committee - Ciint Jr., Molly, Martha, Mark, W.A. Pace, Paul Piotte, Sol Asekun, Ed Ryan, Foster Panza, John and Marylee Erdmann and "The Ladies of the Night"


BGA Commissioner Jim Remler

Director and Producer - Clint's Party.

Special thanks to Foster Panza  who took pictures the entire evening and provided all pictures for the website.

The BGA Commissioner and Clint's

Daughter Molly with the Invocation.

Molly's Invocation:

Heavenly Father, We ask that you bless this gathering and its meal to our use. On this Memorial Day Weekend we ask that you bless the families here who have been touched by a family member who served our great country. We are thankful this evening Lord for the gift of friendship. While some might call it a game, we are thankful for the sport of golf and all that it has brought to our father, through great days and less then great, you have given the gift of purpose, the gift of distraction from all that is complicated and that of focus on something more enjoyable; a game yes, but a game that is simply the conduit for comradery, joy, laughter, health and fitness. To know that he has a tee time, a place to be, people looking forward to seeing him, counting on him as their fourth, that he is needed. I know that whenever I hear someone say "It's only a game", I will think back on this night.


Finally Lord, we thank you for the gift of Faith, which has always been my Dad's greatest gift to us. Amen.

(Note from Fr. Bob Randall.)

Clint's Award from

St. Pope John Paul lI

 A Knighthood in

The Order of St. Gregory The Great

The Reverend Robert J. Randall, Pastor Emeritus

St. Sebastion Parish

Providence, Rhode Island

May 27, 2019

(Father Randall forwarded this blessing to be read at Clint’s 90th birthday party. It did not arrive in time to be read before the dinner.)


God our Father, we beg deepest blessings on the ninetieth birthday of Clint Wynne, great husband of Rosemary RIP, great father of David RIP, Clint Jr., Molly and Martha and grand-father of their children. In Rhode Island he is known as a Trustee of St. Sebastion Church, reader of The Word, Eucharistic Minister, promoter of Marriage Encounter, member of the Diocesan Clergy Renewal panel, member of the Diocesan Executive Advisory Council, President of The Serra Club of RI, past president of the Bishop Russell J. McVinney Foundation for vocations, and honored by Saint Pope John Paul ll with a Knighthood as Knight in The Order of St. Gregory The Great, Vice President of Hospital Trust National Bank, Rhode Island State Banking Commissioner, President of a Consortium of six banks, Trustee St. Joseph Hospital, President Rhode Island College Foundation, recipient Rhode Island College Presidential Medal of Distinction, Class President Northwestern Univercity, golfing member of the great Wannamoisett Country Club, and weekly competitor of Dr. Frank McNelis, playmate of George Burns of Block  Island and penitent and golfing rival of me, his old pastor. For all who knew him up North, a gentleman par excellence.


As you know him, heavenly Father, he is one of your “stout-hearted men” that leads your “ten-thousand strong,” As You know him Jesus Christ, he is your tender-hearted disciple who lifts up his family and all his brothers and sisters. As you know him, Holy Spirit, he is another apostle Paul who would walk a thousand miles to answer the call of the gospel of mercy and love.


As we in Florida know him, he is our golfer, webmaster of organizer of team sports, our light-house keeper and bon-vivant at our club parties. He is our neighbor who fills our time with joy and hope. He is our brother who keeps pushing us up the mountain of fellowship. He is just a man who can’t say no, one who invites rather than divides, one who cements rather than weakens, one who keeps silent in the halls of gossip so he can speak truth in the heavens.


Along with the papal blessing of Pope Francis, I send my priestly blessing of family joy.

For all sixty years of knowing him, I sing his honors and accomplishments. He has never disappointed me as pastor, as comrade, as fellow Christian. In fact, I have learned from him the patience and steadfastness of his Master, Jesus Christ.


Since I am elder by two years and seven months, I command him now to let loose with family and friends in exorbitant celebration this night. And if he meets his God and his saints before I do, I hope he would say a good word for me, that I might also be one with him in the communion of saints, with his good wife Rosemary RIP, his son David RIP and his missionary priest brother Jim RIP. Happy birthday, Clint, king-day, wing-day, fling-day, family day, club day and forever happy day! All the blessings of God, from your friend, Father Bob Randall.

The Citrus Hills Men's Golf Association

Ode To a Fellow Named Clint


A fellow we know as Clint Wynne

A notable gent among men

Will celebrate soon

With a toast and a tune

His 90th year among friends


His life has been full from the start

From family to golfers in carts

A treasure is he

and he tells me you see

He's got all his original parts


He plays lots of golf, I should mention

A way to have fun and ease tension

Though he might not hear well,

His golf game is swell

And his putter still stands at attention


He always maintains his cool

When the Men's Group adds a new rule

He continues to play

And at the end of the day

He strips down and jumps in his pool!


So let's raise a glass in good cheer

And wish him the best for the year

As he starts the next ten

With a swag and a grin

And a smile for the upcoming year


Let the party begin.

Jan Fredrickson and Mary Ann Johnson

Jake Owen

Claire Lindley

Dave Barber and Sharon G. Fowler (RIP), Buzz and Jan Fredrickson, Mary Ann Johnson and Jake Owen. Mary Ann's husband Foster Panza is the empty chair. He took the picture.

W. A. Pace and Maxine

All wonderful friends.

And more great friends.

Randy Hanner aka Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Sol Asekun leads the signing.

Marilyn Monroe

Jim Pachmayer

The BGA Commissioner Jim Remler

Jake Owen with Buzz Fredrickson in background.

Bob Palmer and Ray Boudreau, (RIP)

Clint's Girls

Jim Remler's talent and kindness. Birthday remembrance.

The Presentation

BGA  W. A. Pace

Kathy and Neil Messina

Gwen and Dave Hetherington

Rennie and Donna Anllo

Dave Barber RIP and Sharon G. Fowler RIP

Claire Lindley

Peter and Claire Lindley

Karen and Sam Stecker

Jim Remler and Sol Asekun

Jim Brown

Pat and Mike Rizzio

Charlie and Carol Haire

Henry and Brenda Huntsberry

The Dancers - Sol & Gillian Asekun and Jim & Mary Lou Pachmayer

Sue Hanson

To Your Health

Sue Hanson

Carolyn Piscopio

Sue Hanson

Joe Piscopio

Randy and Chuck Hanner

Bob and Henny Feldberg

Marti and Larry Jones with Jim and Joyce Remler in the background.




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