BGA Flag Day June 14, 2024


This is a group picture of those that dressed up in "Flag" attire Neil Messina, Ren Marquette, Bob Keller, Steve Keene, Don Morrison, Mike Stefani, Frank Mazzotta, Sam Stecker, Larry Jones, Dave Beck and the dress up winner Jim Pachmayer.  Sure good to see Bob Keller back and participating. 

A shot of Bob Keller's cart fully decorated.  I think I remember some of the decorations from years past. "Again, Bob, good to see you back and playing. W.A.Pace."


The best outfit was won by Jim Pachmayer and we ended up with a front and back shot..  Not sure which is best.

From Commissioner Pace:

A big thanks to all that dressed up and thanks to Foster and Bob Feldberg for taking the pictures and sending them on.

And thanks to Sol for his great effort for the days program.

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