St. Patrick's Day 2023

From: BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace with pictures from Foster Panza



"Blarney Stone" hand made by Jerry Pequeen

The first picture shows the members that dressed up for the day.  Jim Pachmayer, John Keller, Bill Whiteman, Curt Mesler, Bob Keller, Dave Beck, Jerry Pequeen, Peter Bockiaro, Bruce Cohoon, Ed Ryan and Ren Marquette.  It was a difficult task to select the folks to win the "prize" Hose sent.

Followed by a picture of second place winner, and new BGA member Bill Whiteman, followed by a picture of first place Peter Bockiaro, followed by the Blarney Stone winner Bob Keller and then honorable mention Bruce Cohoon showing off his classic leprechaun head cover.  

The Commissioner and Foster, enjoy!

Snowball guys 

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