St. Patrick's Day 2022

From: BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace with pictures from Commissioner Emeritus Jim Remler.


We had 37 members participate in the classic.  Sol selected Irish 4 ball for the game with a slight modification.  On hole 18 it was considered a "pot of gold" hole where the team could count all, some or none of the net scores.  An interesting twist.  Scores ranged from minus one to minus 14.  There were 3 teams tied with minus 14.  Peter Lindley's team took first place based on the match of the cards.  The winning team was Peter, Bruce Cohoon, David Flo and Henry Huntsbury.  In addition to first place prize money each team member received an elegant beer mug that Hose selected for the occasion.  David and Henry did not attend the prize presentation...


Peter and Bruce each held two beer mugs.  Notable scores for the day included David Hetherington at 75 and Sol at 78.









This picture shows the "dress up" winners for the day.  In first place is Jerry Pequeen, 2nd Peter Bockiaro and third Don Morrison.

These pictures are of the transfer of the sandbag from Foster to Paul Piotte.  Paul joins the multiple winner club.

The last picture shows most of the members that dressed up for the occasion...Left to right.

Dave Beck, Bob Keller, Don Morrison, Peter Bockiaro, Jerry Pequeen, and Jim Pachmayer.  Thanks to all who dressed up.

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