BGA Valentine Day 2022


Commissioner W. A. Pace reported that on Monday February 14 these Valentine Sweethearts showed up to play golf but went home. Too cold. 



Then on Friday, February 18, BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace provided the following pictures, taken by Jim Remler, Commissioner Emeritus, with several pictures from the postponed BGA Sweetheart Classic now played on February 18. 

First, Ren Marquette passes on the BGA Sandbag and "You're the Man" trophy to Bob Feldberg on the postponed BGA Sweetheart Classic Day now played on February 18. 

Next, a solo picture of Bob Feldberg holding the coveted Sandbag and "You're The Man" Trophy on February 18. 


The next picture is a shot of Jim Pachmayer and Steve keen.  Looks like each is wearing a picture of the other as their sweetheart.....


The next photo is the winning Sweetheart Team captained by Ren Marquette with Paul Piotte, Dennis Kudla and Paul Rundio showing off their first prize winnings and first place prize of small buckets containing Hershey kisses. 


The next photo is a picture of Steve Keen and Dennis Kudla showing prizes sent to them by Hose in Grand Cayman.  Hose indicated the prize is in recognition that candy contained in our auction box at the Santa Day classic was woefully out of date.

BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace sent many thanks to the members that came dressed with a picture of their sweetheart and wearing the BGA shirt and hat, as well as Jim Remler for taking all the pictures.

Also, W. A. sent special thanks to Claire Lindley who  sent an email to her group of Donut Dollies after her successful BGA Donut Dollies Day on the BGA Sweetheart Classic Day played on February 18. .  The e-mail has attached several photos from the day  


"We all owe a special thanks to Claire and Peter for hosting the day, Claire for coordinating and arranging to get the donuts and for the "special" coffee that they had available.  Also a special thanks for the volunteers who helped out.  This is what makes our group special."


"I might add a a couple of the pictures you will see a white bag with the name "John" on it.  As info, Claire set aside a couple of donuts for us to deliver to John Keller since he is in the Diamond Ridge rehab center.  The donuts were delivered not too long after we finished golf."


"Another one shows the dollies gathered around what looks like a box.  Not sure what they were looking for, but sure was interesting."


Thanks Claire, Peter and the dollies.....

W. A. Pace.

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