BGA TURKEY DAY CLASSIC November 19, 2021

BGA members, Jim Remler provided these pictures from the BGA Turkey Day tournament.


The photos above show the first place team from the tournament.  Jim Brown, Neil Messina, Jim Pachmayer and Ken Gerling. Indeed a cheerful looking group.  

The next picture shows Bruce Cohoon transferring the coveted BGA Turkey trophy to the new Turkey trophy holder, Ed Ryan.

The next picture is an individual picture Ed Ryan, the Turkey trophy winner for 2021....Ed looks so happy to win this prestigious award.

There were several contenders for the Turkey Award----although no picture of the others----Peter Lindley, Jim Hagen, Buzz Fredrickson and Jim Remler.

The last picture is of the BGA Barkies singing group (Sol Asekun, Ed Ryan sporting his new Turkey Day head gear and the lead Barkie singer, Peter Bockiaro and Dennis Kudla.  They sang the BGA anthem and did a marvelous job.  
Thanks to all that participated and thanks to those that helped make the Turkey Day a success.

W. A. Pace, BGA Commissioner






BGA members, Dave Beck has sent an e-mail with 5 more pictures from our Turkey Day Classic last Friday that we want to share with our members.

I'll try to give a word or two of explanation on the pictures.  They are listed in order from above:

1) A strange dude strutting around the room wearing a strange looking head dress for members to see one of the prizes the winner will receive.

2) A picture of Ed Ryan reading the BGA certificate. Note how everyone is paying very close attention and preparing to respond at the appropriate time.

3) another picture of the strange dude walking around the room.

4) A picture of the finalist for the Turkey Award.  Peter Lindley had just learned he did not win.  Does he look happy?  He was so close to winning.

5) Another group picture of the winning team.  


Dave, thanks much for taking the pictures and forwarding.

BGA Commissioner W. A. Pace







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