The winning foresome for the 2021 BGA Dog Days/Mickey Mouse Day - Mike Rizzio, David Beck, Peter Bockiaro, and Charlie Haire.

David Beck is the BGA 2021 Mickey Mouse Award Honoree. Congratulations David!

Dave Barber 2019/2020* Award Winner presented the 2021 Award to David Beck

And David loves it!

The 2021 Inductees to the BGA Hall of Shame. Ron Krieger, David Beck and Ron Marquette.

The BGA Singing Barkies entertained BGA Membership with the BGA Anthem at the 2021 Dog Days luncheon. Sol Asekun, John Erdmann, Peter Bockiaro, Singers Chairman Ed Ryan and Ren Marquette.

Dog Days Mickey Mouse Award winner 2019 - 2020*. Dave held the Award two years because there was no Award for 2020 due to Covid.

Dave Barber. Congratulations Dave.

Larry Jones winner 2018. Nice going Larry!

Mickey 2017 Howard Pope. Happy as can be!

The Mickey Group 2017

John Walton, Howard Pope, Peter Lindley, Steve Keen and Randy Robertson.

Peter Lindley and Laura with Mickey 2017

Dog Days Mickey Mouse winners 2017

John Balais, Dave Flo, John Walton and Jerry Krause.

Don Morrison Mickey Mouse Winner 2013

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